Our story and mission

F.A.T. Studio is a Community Interest Company (CIC) that was set up by 6 friends in 2019. After years of working within London’s creative industry we recognised the need for it to change and become far more inclusive. We set ourselves a starter mission – to organise joyful creative activities in our local area; activities that brought SE London communities together and boosted a sense of collective potential.

After 2 years of nomadic activity, we ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to open a community space at our studio on Old Kent Road. In the wet summer of 2021, Old Kent Road Arts Club was born and became a space in which local people can share skills and collaborate on delivering free creative activities that welcome the public and respond to the context of Old Kent Road. A local resident described it as “a community arts club for a new generation. A space where local communities share local issues, aspirations and concerns through an art-led process.”

In 2023 we launched our Design Studio which runs alongside our ongoing social projects. The Design Studio offers a range of services to clients and professional opportunities for local creatives.

This year (2024) F.A.T. Studio is going into CHRYSALIS MODE while the directors take some time to concentrate on personal projects and studies. We hope to evolve our practices and then bring new skills and ideas back to F.A.T. Studio in the future.

CIC / Not-for-profit

As a CIC, we apply for grant funding and also operate as a business that generates income. We do not take personal profit on that income, instead the money we make goes directly into supporting the SE London communities.

Any profits that are generated from our Design Studio projects go into helping us deliver free activities and funded opportunities for SE Londoners of all ages and backgrounds. 


Elim House
Kingston School of Art
NHS South East London
OK Grow
Pembroke House
Royal College of Art
South London Gallery
Southwark Council
Studio Voltaire
UAE Southbank
UAL Camberwell
Wysing Arts Centre


Southwark Council
Neighbourhoods Fund 20/21

Mayor of London
Make London Grant 2021

Sustainability Fund 2021

Southwark Council
Neighbourhoods Fund 21/22

Founding Directors

Rachel Sale
Natanya Mark
Kate Ducker
Rachel Davey
Sophie Koko Gate
Nathan Sherwood

Design Studio Collaborators

Tommy Brentnall
Nadina Ali
Bridget Meyne
Rodrigo Domingoes
Tom Scotcher
Laurie Avon 

Social Project Collaborators

Abi Chapman
Addy Stevenson
Against the Run of Play
Alastair Kwan
Alva Clifford Wilson
Ankita Mukherji
Anna Schlimm
Bridget Meyne
Carlotta Aoun
Creative Network OKR
Daniel Baragwanath
Design, Print, Bind
Drawing People Together
Elam Foundation
Eleni Papazoglou
Emilie Alstrup
Emily Baker
Evelina Hägglund
Gareth Williams
Giant Triplets
Gold Host
Hillary Juma
Jack Wedge
Jack Wild
Jaffar Aly
Janice Lam
Yiran Duan
Jessie Krish
Kirsty Purnell
LCC Illustration & Visual Media
LSE Regional & Urban Planning
Leyla Reynolds
Mariette Moor
Matthew Swan
Melanie Davies
Monster Chetwynd
Mystic Börek
Nadina Ali
Nathan Bather
Nika’s Kitchen
Nikcarl McKenzie
Nina Davies
Olivia Ema
Olly Bromham
Ossian Magazine
Paul Mohammad
Pembroke House
Phillip Speakman
Polam Chan
Ricebox Studio
Rifke Sadleir
Rodrigo Domingoes
Ros Reid
Ros Wilson
Sadegh Aleahmad
SET Space
Sheamus White
South London Cares
Tom Kemp
Tom Scotcher
Tommy Brentnall
Tuomas Kortteinen
Vicky Gerrad
Will Bindley
William Wong