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Project Market

Saturday 12 August 2023
49 Staffordshire St,
SE15 5TJ

Discover community projects happening in South East London!

Come and meet the people running local community projects in a friendly, offline environment. This is a chance to find out about local grassroots activities, ask questions, get involved and buy goods that help fund the projects.

Featuring an eclectic range of projects, such as:

  • ACORN Southwark

    “At the ACORN stall you can get stuck into building power for local people in our community. Around the country ACORN are fighting back against dodgy landlords and councils and taking on and winning all sorts of campaigns based on what local people want to see - be that getting fire safety measures put into flats, keeping the public toilets open or even cutting the prices at the local swimming pool.”

  • A Taste of Nigeria by Folasade Lawal

    “Expect a display of Peckhams large African and Nigerian culture, celebrated through my illustrations that showcase African textile patterns and Nigerian food and ingredients.”

  • Coven Collective

    “Coven Collective will be sharing info about their upcoming events and open calls along with colouring sheets, cocktails, n cupcakes. Come along for a chat about joining our coven! ”

  • Craft Forward

    "We run free workshops to help communities learn new skills and create positive change.

  • Blemme Fatale Productions

    “Join us at our stall as we learn and make some history. We’re going to delve into the history of Jamaica Patois in the arts and provide a space for a creative response. We’re also going to be conducting oral history interviews with people from Caribbean heritage and their experience of Jamaican patois. This stall is in support of the research needed for I’NA SUIT YOU, Blemme Fatale Productions current project.”

  • Drawing People Together

    “Join Drawing People Together for a chat, buy a little locally made something, or DIY. There is no fun without you.”

  • Drawing Room

    “Find out about all the upcoming projects Drawing Room has in the works as we prepare to reopen to the public on September 22nd at our brand new gallery space in Bermondsey. We would also love to take this as an opportunity for community consultation regarding an open access self-publishing space we are in the initial stages of developing.”

  • F**k Fast Fashion

    “We are fighting textile waste globally while alleviating clothing poverty locally.”

  • Founders Dining Club / JAMCAN

    “FOUNDERS' DINING CLUB will offer any current or aspiring founders of any businesses to connect with each other over a fun dinner party. Sign up to their mailing list and join their club.”

    “JAMCAN's stall will transport you to the tropics. JAMCAN is a Jamaican-inspired brand offering food/drink/ merch and uplifting artists who are either Jamaican or Jamaica aficionados. Expect some limited edition t-shirts (designed in collaboration with Rufus Shakespeare, a London-based multi-disciplinary artist and DJ), tickets to their launch party in September and delicious Jamaican patties.”

  • Letterpress Mural Wall by Nice & Graphic

    “A project that seeks to collect messages from across the community and transform them into letterpress prints to create a vibrant collage wall that unifies the voices of Peckham.”

  • PEMpeople / LEX2 / Southwark Design District

    Find out about the Livesey Exchange 2 (a new community-led cultural centre on Old Kent Road) and Southwark Design District 2023.

  • Pecan / Peckham Pantry

    “Pecan is a community charity that began in 1989. Our services include Southwark Foodbank, Peckham Pantry, Women's Service and Together at Pecan (Community and Employment).”

  • Peckham Tool Library

    “Learn about Peckham's new community tool library and how you can get involved. Get your hands dirty and restore some rusty, beaten up tools.”

  • Queer Youth Art Collective

    “Visitors of our stall will find out about our weekly art sessions, exhibition opportunities and have a look at some art work made by our members.”

  • SE(e)-ing

    “The stall will present the culmination of work developed through SE(e)-ing - a project that hosted a series of workshops with local activists and photographers to provide participants with a creative and critical language to express how gentrification and regeneration impact them through the use of photography. We would like to continue this conversation at the stall with those who visit and will be selling our booklets which brings together the work of the project.”

  • Step Out Mentoring

    “Come and discover how Step Out Mentoring supports young people in Southwark through outdoor based mentoring,  and how you can become a youth mentor in your community. Re-connecting people to communities and nature.”

  • Staffordshire Kiln Club

    “Staffordshire Kiln Club is a community project based at Staffordshire Street CIC. We have a free membership currently open to any local resident which allows you to book our kiln firing service at a competitive rate. Come and visit us to learn more about this initiative and other ceramic related activities we offer such as tailored ceramic workshops and assistance for specific ceramic projects. We will also have a selection of small affordable ceramic pieces for sale during the event !”

  • Surrey Canal Road Fruit Commons

    “A food growing project with the aim of creating South London's fruitiest street.”

  • The Feminist Library Bookshop

    “We are a DIY book/zine shop based out of the Feminist Library.”

  • The River Space

    “River Space fosters intercultural, inter-identity dialogues and solidarity by providing a safe space for Asian females and Asian queers.”

  • The Hat Makers

    “Helping people to become more resourceful through recycling, reconditioning repurposing.”

  • White Noise

    “At its core, White Noise aims to provide a platform for sound experimentation, both on and off the stage, with a focus on inclusivity and fostering connections with new communities within and beyond the UK.”

…plus many more!

The market will run from 2-6pm and then there will be evening performances from 6-9pm.

See you there!

This event is organised by F.A.T. Studio CIC and hosted by Staffordshire St as part of their Festival of Community. The festival is supported by Southwark Council and Arts Council England.


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