Graphic Design
& Illustration

We’re excited about creating soulful graphics and illustrations for clients / projects of all kinds. We’re particularly interested in campaign graphics, invitations, signage and visual storytelling. We’re also keen collaborators and often use co-creation methods in our design work.

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Growing Futures poster
for Studio Voltaire, 2023

We designed a poster (digital and print) for an Earth Day event at Studio Voltaire. Leading on from this poster, we’re designing an garden activity book for children, in the same style. Coming soon!

Promotional materials
for OK Grow, 2022

We designed a riso-printed poster, mailer and e-flyer which invited people to join OK Grow, a communal vegetable growing site in Walworth, SE London. 

for OK Grow, 2022

We also designed and painted a mural on the front of a shipping container at OK Grow. It acted as a sign for the growing site and references the colour palettes used in nearby murals on the Aylesbury Estate, Walworth.

This project was a collaboration with mural painter and graphic designer Nadina Ali.

Graphics for CONGEE
in collaboration with the artist Alastair Kwan, 2022

We worked together with Alastair to create the graphics for CONGEE, a temporary canteen installation at SET Lewisham. 

This project was part of We Are Lewisham Borough of Culture 2022. You can read more about it on our Social Projects page. 

Unearthed: Collective Histories 
for Studio Voltaire, 2022

We designed the visual identity for Unearthed: Collective Histories, Studio Voltaire’s new public programme which looks at the 20th Century histories of the gallery’s local neighbourhood, Clapham.

The work included a logo design for the programme, a riso-printed poster and e-flyer set that invited local people to join a research collective at the gallery.

The collection of heads used in the designs are sourced from 3 places. Some are taken from photographs of a decorative cluster of sculptures mounted on the outside of a home in Rectory Gardens, a Clapham street that was squatted by artists and ‘free thinkers’ during the 1970s. Others are taken from photographs of Caribbean men who temporarily lived in the Clapham South Bomb Shelter, after arriving in the UK on the MV Empire Windrush in 1948. And some are drawings of modern day Clapham residents who strolled around the high street near Studio Voltaire on a Saturday morning. The idea was to bring these different characters together, as a kind of collective themselves, in a nod towards the spirit of the new programme.

OKR Arts Club: a year in objects

We created a book that celebrates and reviews one year at Old Kent Road Arts Club (the project space we run on Old Kent Road). The book brings together voices, stories and objects to collectively tell the story of an eclectic year at the club. 

Made in collaboration with our friend Tommy Brentnall and assembled by many volunteers on a hot day in 2022. 

Child-Friendly Newington
for Sustrans, 2021

We teamed up with our friend Eleni Papazoglou to produce a co-designed, site-specific and child-friendly wayfinding system, that linked residential areas and green spaces in the Newington district of Southwark. 

This project happened during lockdown 2021. We ran online workshops with local young people to develop a unique visual wayfinding language that was then used in playful floor graphics. These were permanently installed as routes on Amelia Street, Forsythe Gardens and Alberta Street. These routes were then activated during an in-person play day in August 2021.

The project was commissioned by Sustrans and funded by the London Borough of Southwark.

OKR Arts Club Fundraising Campaign

In 2021 we ran a successful crowdfunding campaign which enabled us to open a community-focussed and completely free-to-attend arts club on Old Kent Road. The wide variety of graphics we produced to raise awareness of our campaign were instrumental in its success and brought even more joy to the project!

Website design
for HORRID Covid! zine, 2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic we worked with curator Jessie Krish and research coordinator Mel Davies to set up an online zine called HORRID Covid! The zine was dedicated to the cultural side-effects of the virus and called out for submissions of all forms and moods. We received so many contributions from people of all ages, occupations and backgrounds. And we commissioned some articles too, offering skill exchange as a trade.

Over many months, we produced 6 issues of the zine, each with their own topical theme. The issues, which were designed to stretch across long, wandering webpages, document many different people’s covid experiences and hold them together in a polyphonic archive that marks a completely mind-bending time in history.

You can visit the website (which is built using legendary web-publishing tool Hotglue) here.

Challenging Structures
for artists Sarah Jury and Bez Shahriari, 2020

In this unique project, we helped design and document a live action role-play game called Challenging Structures, which was commissioned by Science Gallery London for an exhibition called Genders: Shaping and Breaking the Binary.

The role-play game (which was written by artist/writer Sarah Jury and games designer Bez Shahriari) was set across 3 fictional countries; Eggland, UFS and Pranza. Using thoughtful role-playing techniques, role-players explored the legislation around legal gender status in each of these countries and reflected on how it affected individuals and societies.

We created an advert/info sheet for the game and playing materials such as maps and documents. And then we created a large wall drawing in the gallery, which explained the overall concept and documented the game play.

Unfortunately, despite being play-tested at the gallery, the official game session was cancelled due to Covid.